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Despite recent surges due to the Delta and Omicron variants, regional vaccination numbers remain low for everyone - but especially minority populations. African Americans and Hispanic/Latinx community members are among the least likely groups in Northwest Georgia to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

It's true - there are plenty of facts and data out there about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, but perhaps a voice a little closer to home can make an impact.

These are real Northwest Georgians who encourage anyone and everyone - especially African American and Hispanic/Latinx communities - to make the choice to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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"For my son. For my family.
For my community."

- Beth McCain

Actress, Vocalist

I got the vaccine partly because of my son. My son is 2 ½. If I can get the vaccine to protect him, protect my husband, my friends, my family, I’m going to get vaccinated.


Regarding hesitancy among the African American population – I understand. I understand the hesitancy because of history. But do your research. And think about your family. If you get COVID and getting the shot could have kept you from getting so sick or going to the hospital, or worse, it’s worth it. 


I also implore young people - people my age, people younger than me - don’t think you’re immune, You are not immune to this. We’ve seen now, everyone can get this virus, and everyone can die from it. It’s up to us to do what we can and stop this pandemic. 

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"Fight for your life."

- Constanza Sweeney

Founder, Interculture Fest

If you get in the car and put on your seat belt, you need to get the vaccine. Because the vaccine is the seat belt for your life. 


We have a choice to fight for our lives. Don’t be afraid. The vaccine is the solution. We have to help each other. Vaccinate for each other, for your family, your son, your sister., your father, your mother.


I got the COVID vaccine because it’s my responsibility for myself and my family and my community. 

"Learn the facts. Share the facts. Be part of the change."

-Susie Twyman

Retired Healthcare Professional

I chose to get the COVID vaccine because I wanted to be safe. I wanted my family to be safe. I’ve encouraged everyone to get the vaccine, wherever I go. When people don’t get vaccinated, it keeps the pandemic going and it keeps the virus active. The more people who get the vaccine, the safer we’ll be.


The African American community is reluctant. People are wary because of the past - past pandemics, past experiments. But the more we know the facts and the more we share the facts, more people will get vaccinated and we can change this pandemic’s course.  


I would like to encourage the African American community, especially those with underlying conditions, and people of a certain age like me, to get the vaccine. 

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"African American men are being left behind in vaccines & healthcare."

-Greg Shropshire

100 Black Men of Rome

Not only have I gotten the COVID vaccine, I’ve also gotten the booster. If they say we need another booster, I’ll be in line for that. I chose to get it because I’m a man of science. I trust the science and healthcare experts. 


As an African American, I’m very concerned. African Americans lag behind everyone in NWGA when it comes to vaccines. When I think of African Americans who are getting the vaccine, they’re mostly women. We lead the way in preventable deaths due to diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, things of that nature.


I really encourage everyone to get the vaccine, but especially African Americans and African American men in particular. 

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