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We are the Northwest Georgia Center for Independent Living

Our organization serves 15 counties in the Northwest Georgia region, assisting individuals of all ages who have all types of disabilities and help them reach their goals of living independently.

Our mission is to empower people who have disabilities so that they may determine their own future; to work towards a more user-friendly, accessible community.

The vast majority of our staff have disabilities. All of our staff have completed higher education certifications or degrees, with the majority having Bachelor’s degrees.


Our core services are independent living skills training, information & referral, peer mentoring, self-advocacy and transition. In addition to these services, we offer several programs to assist our community in a variety of ways.

That's why we've taken on this initiative to reach undecided or vaccine-reticent community members throughout Northwest Georgia. By increasing the vaccination rates, we help the entire region live a healthier life. 

Learn more about us, the communities we serve at

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